About Us

About Weekend Wanderlust

Hi Wanderlusters!

We are a two-person team, exploring the world.

Our goal is to share our travel experiences with each and every one of you – the good the bad and the ugly!

The idea of Weekend Wanderlust is to Vlog our travels throughout Europe, Morocco and St Petersburg over the coming months. This came about from our family and friends wanting to know where we were, what we were up to, ensuring we were always safe and having fun! We also thought, ‘What better way to document our ONCE IN A LIFETIME trip than to film it’!

So, with our powers combined, we have co-created the Weekend Wanderlust page, a space to visit/watch/stalk all our travels and our awkward Vlogging skills!

For more info about where we are heading – take a look HERE!

Our Team


Hi Guys!

Firstly, if you have landed on our page THANK YOU for taking the time to learn a bit more about us and see what we are up to – we love the company 🙂 and I hope you enjoy the Videos!

Secondly, we are ‘those’ people. You are probably wondering HOW are we able to travel for MONTHS? We did in fact quit our jobs, and prior to leaving Australia, we were homeless and jobless! But thanks to our supportive friends and family, the transition from working 9-5 Monday to Friday, to travelling through Europe was made easier.

Prior to Weekend Wanderlust I had completed a Bachelor in Business Management, majoring in Tourism. I was working as a Corporate Travel Consultant – booking clients to places I only ever dreamed of visiting.

Now, I am the content creator and co-web designer along with my fiancé Lachlan. I am generally the awkward conversation starter on our Vlogs, however hoping talking to myself in front of a camera becomes easier.. and easier for you all to watch!

Make sure you leave us a comment and let us know what you are enjoying 🙂


Hi All!

Welcome to our Weekend Wanderlust page!

Prior to the ‘Big Change’, I worked for a large corporate company for over ten years as a Business Analyst. Whilst there, I developed on a range of skills and will forever be thankful for the opportunities provided to me. However, with the continuing desire to see the world, Bianca and myself made the decision to quit our jobs and travel! Hence, bringing us to the now and the creation of Weekend Wanderlust.

I have co-created the website from scratch and am in-charge of all maintenance and additions to the website, so please feel free to let me know anything you would like to see added!

Thanks for stopping by Friends, Family and all those in between, I hope you enjoy what we have created!

Make sure you stay up to date with all our adventures!