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This is the last of our European Extravaganza.
Wow. What a roller coaster of a trip! And what a way to end it – a road trip through England, finishing with a few days in London.

We hope you have enjoyed coming along on our adventures with us, please comment if you have any questions!!


Never stop Wanderlusting xx


Europe 2017

New South Wales

About Weekend Wanderlust

Hi Wanderlusters!

We are a two-person team, exploring the world.

Our goal is to share our travel experiences with each and every one of you – the good the bad and the ugly!

The idea of Weekend Wanderlust is to Vlog our travels throughout Europe, Morocco and St Petersburg over the coming months. This came about from our family and friends wanting to know where we were, what we were up to, ensuring we were always safe and having fun! We also thought, ‘What better way to document our ONCE IN A LIFETIME trip than to film it’!

So, with our powers combined, we have co-created the Weekend Wanderlust page, a space to visit/watch/stalk all our travels and our awkward Vlogging skills!

For more info about where we are heading – take a look HERE!